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With the financial assistant from Bhutan Trust Fund for Environment Conservation (BTFEC), the Rural Development Training Centre, Zhemgang is re-orienting the existing training curriculum to a Climate Smart one, with the goal to enhance the capacity of the farming communities and youth effectively and sustainably management the production system and the natural resources for their well-being.  In pursued of realizing the goal, RDTC has organized stakeholders consultation workshop at Namsel Choeling Resort, Paro on 30th and 31st March 2017.  This workshop aimed at developing Climate Smart Agriculture Training Curriculum and module framework.

Twenty-four officials representing various agencies (Department of Agriculture (DoA), Department of Livestock (DoL), Department of Forest and Park Services DoFP), Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC), Research Development Centre, Bajo (RDC), Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation (BTFEC), National Bio- diversity Centre (NBC) & Rural Development Training Centre (RDTC) have participated in the workshop.  

Way Forward Plan
The capacity building of RDTC faculty was planned to learn Climate Smart Resilient Agriculture.  They will be trained to enhance their competency level to deliver Climate SMART training skills and training curriculum and training modules revised with the inclusion of Non Wood Forest Products (NWFP) to address changing needs of the Youth/ Farmers groups/Cooperatives and Small Medium enterprises and traders.

As planned RDTC faculty will be trained at ICIMOD Nepal to study Climate Resilient Agriculture with will help to develop Climate Smart Agriculture Training curriculum and training module, which has already begun in the conceptual framework.  After returning from Nepal the faculty would be able to contribute with Climate Smart Agriculture Technology and skills as an additional input during upcoming Write workshop on Climate Smart Curriculum and Modules revision scheduled in July 2017.

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