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The centre with its mandate to train the young and enterprising school leavers offers training on economically potential RNR farm enterprises through the Farm Business Training Program.


To enhanced the knowledge and skills of the farming communities and youths on modern production technologies.

Target Group

Early school leavers/potential rural youth
Farming communities with basic reading and writing skills

Contents and Duration

The FBT program consists of six modules, three each on agriculture and livestock, covering all theoretical and practical aspects of modern farming. Each Module is designed to deliver in 3 weeks duration.


1.Vegetable farming
2.Fruit farming
3.Mushroom farming
4. Dairy farming
5.Poultry farming
6.Pig farming

The FBT modules consist of both theoretical (40%) and practical (60%) classes. The theoretical inputs are delivered through wide range of methods such as presentation, brain-storming, individual and group exercise, and lectures. The practical part of the training is aimed at skill development through active engagement of participants in all practical aspects of modern farming.  

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